Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Why do I not take more naps?

Today I stumbled into the good fortune of free time. Tired from a week of early mornings and semi-engaging classes, I used my afternoon off to nap. And what a difference it made. After I freshened up and got dressed, someone in the lobby actually said, "Did you take a nap? You look refreshed." (Note: second time in about a week that I've been told I look refreshed.)

Napping is the best thing ever. Why do I not do it more? I have this whole space under my desk, no one ever comes looking for me, and besides, if certain women get to take 6, 7, 8 etc. smoke breaks a day, how come I can't save all my "smoke breaks" until 3 in the afternoon and take a nap? Does anyone else think this is a great idea?


  1. I'm totally in. There's a space under the stairs that's dark and quiet and BEGGING for me to curl up in it!

  2. BTW come baaaacccck from your conference and e-mail meeeeeee!

  3. this is a great idea! don't get me started on the smoke breaks... i have bad habits, should i get a designated break for them?


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