Friday, August 10, 2007


Found this online:
Any teenager can write a survey about their favorite class or their secret crush or how nice their car is that their parents paid for. This is the survey for the older crowd.

1. Do you have a college degree?
BA in Public Relations. Can't believe I'm actually using it.

2. What was the amount of your last electric bill?
I don't know. I think my half was $50-60?

3. Do you have life insurance?
Yeah. I'm not worth as much as I thought I was.

4. How many hours per week do you work?
If by "work" you mean "in the office," at least 37.5.

5. Have you ever attended a Toastmasters event?
No. I think one week of Miss Homecoming campaigns sufficed to develop my "communication, public speaking and leadership skills" beyond what any club could do (although after some research, maybe I should join just to become "The Grammarian, who notes mispronunciations and mistakes in grammar, or word repetition").

6. Favorite place to attend Happy Hour?
My apartment/or 2nd floor after work

7. How many miles is your commute to work each day (one way)?
Just under 3 miles. I love it!

8. What time do you get up every morning for work?
My alarm goes off at 7:30. Whether or not I'm actually up before 8 is anyone's guess.

9. What is your definition of sleeping in late?
10 a.m. Sad. That used to be my definition of waking up early.

10. Do you check your cholesterol on a yearly basis?
Um... no. Should I?

11. How large was your first cellular phone?
Nokia. It wasn't too large. I got it in 1999, so they were shrinking in size/cost by then.

12. Does your employer provide good health insurance?
I don't know. They provide good coffee, which is more important to me at this stage in the game.

13. Did you use the internet to write a research paper?
Did you NOT use the internet to write a research paper?

14. Have you attended a high school reunion?
No. I was hoping there would be a 5 year reunion, but not so much. I guess everyday I spend on Facebook kind of counts as a reunion.

15. How many jobs have you held in your professional career?
This is my first "real" job. And if that means I have a "career" now, then I quit.

16. Have you ever been fired or laid off from a job?
Yes and it is a good story; I haven't written about it sooner because somehow I come off looking bad. The short version is that I was the gift wrapper at an outdoor store (read: only female in a store staffed by +15 middle-aged men), and even though this makes me sound like I am to blame, the owner's wife and daughter made him fire me. They were just mean people. I didn't do anything wrong. The daughter thought I was encroaching on her cash register space and acted like a total brat. I would have sued if he hadn't have handed me cash equaling almost double what I would have earned HAD I worked until Christmas and not been wrongfully terminated. I literally laughed all the way to the bank. And have told everyone I know not to shop there anymore.

17. What is your favorite drink?

18. What is the most expensive bottle of wine that you have in your residence?
A $10 bottle is pretty pricey for me.

19. How old were you when you stopped getting ID'd for Alcohol?
Still happening; thank goodness.

20. Favorite casino?
I have never been to one - surprising, I know. There's a lot of other things I've never done that would surprise you too (like that I've never been to The Supper Club).

21. Are you happier now than you were in high school?
Some days, yes; other days, no. Happiness is temporary. I think I am more mature than I was in high school, perhaps a little more secure, but I wouldn't necessarily say happier.

22. Did you ever have Hypercolor shirts?
AND the shorts!

23. Do you remember when Michael Jackson was black and attracted to older people?
Barely. I wasn't allowed to listen to him until '91.

24. Do you remember when MTV actually played music videos?
Yes, although I preferred VH1 and Pop Up Video.

25. Have you had a will made?
Not unless you count appointing a beneficiary for my life insurance. What else would I bequeath? My iPod?

26. What music was in your cd/cassette player when you were 16?
Mixed tapes, mostly. I loved mixed tapes. I also listened to a lot of Dave Matthews band, but it was a fad.

27. Favorite fancy/upscale restaurant?
Maggiano's or anywhere I can get a yummy steak. Or Carrabba's for their Chicken Bryan. Is that upscale? On my salary it is.

28. How many major wars have you lived through?
Desert Storm and the one we're in now.

29. Where were you when you found out about 9-11?
Asleep. My roommate's mom called our dorm phone and told Lolly to wake up and turn on the news because we were under attack. For about three minutes, we thought she meant Auburn. We turned on the TV just in time to see the first tower fall.

30. What was your first computer?
A Macintosh. I was in 6th grade. I was so mad that it crashed everytime I tried to play Oregon Trail.

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