Sunday, August 26, 2007


I bought a table!
I bought a table!
I bought a table!
It will be here Wednesday. And it was super cheap. And it's sooooo pretty. Who wants to come eat dinner with me on my pretty new table?

This is the first piece of furniture I've bought. The rest (bedroom, etc.) is hand-me-down. I also bought a book shelf yesterday, but let's be honest - the table is more exciting.

Also, in other "exciting" decorating news, I continue to find more and more ways to use my monogram. For instance, I am finally getting that monogrammed shower curtain I've wanted. It will look great hanging in the bathroom with my all-white monogrammed towels.

And speaking of monograms, I really outdid myself yesterday. Why I didn't think of this sooner I am not sure. I took a picture of the monogram on my purse using the camera on my phone and saved it as my phone's wallpaper, so now my PHONE IS MONOGRAMMED TOO!!!

(Please don't judge me.)

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