Friday, July 13, 2007


Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for my mom, family and I. I've been at the hospital as much as they'll allow us to be (she's in ICU so visiting hours are limited). The surgery was 4.5 hours long but took care of everything that needed fixing, aligning or repositioning. She is stable but hurting, and they haven't tried to make her walk yet because of possible damage to her spinal cord so they are keeping her flat. They might try to get her up tomorrow or Sunday. I'm not horribly squeamish, but thinking about my mommy in that much pain makes me want to choke.

She still hasn't eaten anything because she's nauseated, but that is starting to subside and the pain is starting to kick in. They had to try about 3 or 4 different pain medicines before they found one that didn't make her sick. It will be nice for all of us when she's not completely flat on her back and can read or look at something to pass the time. Until then, my sister, brother-in-law and I are using each visiting hour to try to keep her spirits up by chatting and telling her about our day and who has called to check on her. Hopefully, tonight she will begin getting on a better sleep schedule. She was snoring before we even left the room tonight.

Thanks again guys. Funny posts will resume shortly, I swear.

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  1. Best wishes. Stay strong. And green.


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