Sunday, July 22, 2007


Observations I made while at home:

I am not cut out to be a nurse.
Anna, Carlee and Michael read my blog.
Fruit is the official get-well food.
I really like being a stay-at-home caretaker (great training for stay-at-home mom?)
I'm no good at drinking games. And I like it.
My 7-year-old cousin is an extraordinary, fascinating little girl.
Birmingham will be a good thing.

Thanks for prayers and thoughts. Mom is doing wonderfully. I was sad to leave her today but was ready, knowing she is way more independent than I thought she'd be at this stage at the game. If I told you all the stuff I'd had to help her do while in the hospital and during the early half of last week, you wouldn't believe me. But now, I would say she is 60% functional by herself. The other 40% will come when she is out of her brace and can bend and drive. So, the last I'll say about this valley we've crossed is that it's done, she's recovering marvelously and the entire surgery - from how she first got an appointment with her surgeon, to how I was able to be home to care for her, all the way to the surgery itself - was 100% divine. We are a fortunate family. I am a fortunate girl.

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  1. A new grown up look for the blog I see?

    So glad your mom is recovering well. Take care yourself and find that water bottle.



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