Monday, July 30, 2007


Back to school, back to school.

I am spending a week at a work conference. The conference is being held on a college campus. So guess who packed her hot pink, lime and yellow Company Store twin-size bedding in her North Face backpack (which still has her CWE tag on it) and has been in class all day?

I know Auburn is a great school, but nothing has ever reminded me of that faster than this morning's shower in a community bathroom. 4 women to one bathroom sure beats 4 stalls to a whole floor.

PS - Seriously. Auburn is the best school ever. Stay tuned for more reasons why... as if you need more, but whatever.

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  1. Heard the start of your fight song at Paradise Park bar the other night. Somebody paid money for it to stop though. Sounded pretty lame what little I heard:-)

    Have fun in class.


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