Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Has anyone seen my sense of judgment and discernment? If you find it running around, please send it back. I need it ASAP so I don't do anymore stupid stuff like this:

-Yesterday I finally put my flatscreen TV up in my bedroom. Now I can watch DVDs or VHS tapes whenever I want. So last night, after 3 hours of errands and gym, I installed the TV, I cleaned up my room, packed my bags for today and basically got everything taken care of so I could relax in my bed and watch TV. I decided I wanted to drink a glass of lemonade while I did that.

I should also tell you at this point how obsessed I am with my bed. The sheets and comforter are all white and perfect and I get really anxious whenever I think the cleanliness and pristine whiteness of my bed is being compromised. Look how pretty:

So I'm not sure why I decided it would be a good idea to drink a glass of pink lemonade in my stark white bed. But I did. I was really careful and even got up to refill it and got back in the bed without any problems. I was getting out of bed one final time to put the glass away, brush my teeth and call it a night, when I threw back the covers with my left hand, which hit my right hand holding the lemonade and lemonade spilled all over my sheets. Not on my comforter, thank goodness, but all over my sheets. So, at 10:15 last night, I had to wash my sheets. I didn't want to sleep in sticky lemonade sheets, and I didn't want the pink to stain.

So, I learned my lesson: No more food or liquids in/near the bed. I feel like a 3-year-old.

Perhaps even stupider than this story is what I did on Saturday. I had to take my car to get fixed - again - and my friend gave me a ride home. She told me that she might not be able to take me back to pick it up but to call her when I hear from the mechanic and we'll play it by ear.

So later in the day, the mechanic calls me and tells me all the stuff that's wrong with my car. It would cost me an arm and a leg. He then lowered his voice and told me how he did a lot of work "on the side" since his brother owns a parts store and he can get the parts for cost. He offered to do it for a little more than half. He also told me the shop would be closing in August so they wouldn't be able to fix anything past August anyway and that he guarantees his work. We hang up, and after some deliberation, I call him back and give him the green light. He promises to have it ready by 6.

6 rolls around and he calls to tell me he's got about 30 more minutes of work left. I call my friend to find out where she is, and she's unable to come get me. Not wanting to leave my car with the dodgy mechanic overnight, I exhaust my options only to find no one is available to take me to Tom. I call him back to see if someone can follow him in my car to my house, but he says no one else is at the station. Then, Tom the Mechanic offers to come get me.

Not having any other choice, I give him directions to my house. He promises to call when he gets off the interstate, which made me glad because I planned to RUN out of my apartment complex and be as far away from my apartment as possible so he wouldn't know (exactly) where I lived.

The ride wasn't too awkward. He told me all about how he does service calls for little old ladies that get flat tires, and I should save his number in case anything goes wrong. We arrived at the the station, he gives me my key, I give him a check, and flee to my condo.

Looking back - WHAT WAS I THINKING? My mother told me not to take rides with strangers. Once again, I feel like a 3-year-old.

So, in summation, if anyone sees my thinking cap, please overnight it to me before I do something else I regret.

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