Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This week's list:

1. The check engine light in my car. All check engine lights. All engines. All lights. All cars.

2. TMobile for not warning me that I was going over, WAY WAY over, my text messages (I blame L.A.)

3. (Not-so-)Permanent retainer wires that cut my tongue when I am eating breakfast. All permament/nonpermanent retainers. All wires.

4. Two 2-hour long meetings in one day. All 2-hour long meetings. All meetings.

5. "Threatening" people that are pushing other people around (and/or out the door).

6. One-uppers. Teachers. Two-cents tosser-inners. Anything you can write, I can write better-ers. If you want something done right, or if you want to show everyone that you can do something right, or if something was right in the first place and you just have to contribute, DO IT YOUR OWN SELF IN THE FIRST PLACE AND I WILL DO OTHER STUFF INSTEAD!

That's it for me. What's stuck up your crawl this week?

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