Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Is anyone else sick and tired of the word SKETCHY? I could never hear this word again and be just fine.

It's especially irritating when people (my mother) shorten it to just "sketch," as in, "that/he/she is so sketch."

Futhermore, if you must say it, use it correctly. If you are describing a person, place or thing (noun), it's "sketchy." If you are describing a verb or adjective (action or behavior), then you are now using an adverb, and in which case, you must add an -ily and say "sketchily." That is the rule! I better start hearing people running around saying "sketchily."

"He is sketchy."
"He acts sketchily."
"He was acting sketchily."
"That story is sketchy."
"His excuses are sketchy."
"This place is sketchy."
"He is behaving sketchily."
"It was really sketchy."

Note: It's not anything against the people that use it (but slightly against those that live it), I'm just saying. I am ready for a new word.

Therefore, I introduce to you: DODGY.

"He is dodgy."
"He acts dodgily."
"He was acting dodgily."
"His story is dodgy."
"His excuses are dodgy."
"This place is dodgy."
"He is behaving dodgily."
"It was really dodgy."

I think we should all start saying "dodgy" instead of "sketchy."

(Unless you are using sketchy in its original meaning - giving only outlines or essentials: "The rough draft for this Press Kit is still very sketchy." In that case, you're fine.)

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