Tuesday, May 15, 2007


One year ago today, I put on my favorite pants, packed my lunch, and drove to 11th Avenue to begin the rest of my life. Yes, that's right. I started work. I can't wait until I can stop.

Someone asked me today what I've learned in my one-year-old career. Luckily, I have jotted a few notes.

My Top 10 observations/most valuable lessons accrued from being in Corporate America:

1. F11 instantly hides all the windows on your screen (on a Mac).
2. You're only late if someone sees you!
3. Learn to time your trip to the kitchen just right in order to score some delicious leftovers.
4. Insurance and vacation days are nice, but freedom to wear jeans is the most important employee benefit a company can offer.
5. Hide your pens, staplers and tape or else they'll have gone on vacation when you come back from yours.
6. There's always something to be upgraded (a real office, a laptop and better parking).
7. Purchasing your own coffee mug guarantees you'll always have a clean one (lipstick-stain free).
8. You'll get laughed at for keeping a blanket under your desk, but at least you'll be warm!
9. Being sweet gets you more cooperation than anything else (except candy).
10. Have at least one good friend among all your coworkers. It's just better that way.

To celebrate, I think I'll take a vacation... to L.A., maybe?


  1. Have a great trip!

    Good luck in your quest to find Adam or Clay. I'd start with the YMCA.

  2. How about the Y-M-C-what happens to you when I get back for your leaving early today. You might as well have not said goodbye at all!


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