Thursday, June 07, 2007


Isn't it cool how certain songs can instantly trigger a memory? Smells do this too. Thank God for our senses.

For instance, The Association's "Never My Love" came on my iTunes a minute ago. I downloaded this song my senior year, after walking across the field to it on Homecoming Day. Everytime I hear that song, without fail, I think of that day and the butterflies that were in my stomach flutter back. I hope that reaction never goes away.

"Son of a Preacher Man"- Mr. and Mrs. Dudley
"Walk On", U2 - Friends finale
"Disco Inferno", 50 Cent - Spring Break, senior year, and all the "trouble" that Jen and I got into
"All You Wanted", Michelle Branch - freshman year spring break, in a beach house with 18 other girls in my pledge class
"For Good" and "Pieces of Me" - JEB
"Yeah", Usher - Rush skit, senior year
"His Eye Is On the Sparrow" - singing it with Jon David during Junior Miss
"Goodnight", Aaron Neville - bedtime at my house

There are more, but I cannot think of them.

What are your songs?


  1. Please, please, please let me get what I want
    by The Smiths- HS Senior year chasing a girl forever but was just a "friend" to her. Destroyed my one and only prom. Would hit rewind over and over on my car tape player. Yes, tape player. Oh, is this therapy? Sorry.

    Nightshift by the Commodores- "Gonna be some sweet sounds, goin' down..." Changed a grade on my report card and spent the whole next six weeks scared to death my parents would find out. This song played every night on the Top 9 at 9 countdown during that time. Never found out. Song still gives me the willies.


  2. Ha - yes! More! Please please please :)

    And don't feel too bad about the girl... I made four (4) mixed tapes for a guy - it was boxed set, if you will.

  3. Well technically I was on that spring break you are talking about, just not exactly staying with ya'll. But I was with Amy Lu the whole time.


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