Friday, May 18, 2007


Captain's log...
I made it to L.A.! That was the longest plane ride I have EVER been on, and Miguel sitting beside me was not easing my pain. Besides giving one-word answers and PUTTING ON MY HEADPHONES, other suggestions for how to curb unsolicited plane conversations would be appreciated because (unfortunately) I have to fly back eventually. I mean, exactly what part of LEAVE ME ALONE was not clear, I don't know.

Anyway, Eric picked me up and we drove around, but within 5 minutes of sitting down at dinner, we saw Cameron Diaz, Goldie Hawn, Eddie Murphy and a whole slew of other celebrities. This is because their pictures were decoupaged onto the table we were sitting at, but hey - I will take what we can get!

And we drove right by the Ivy last night without even knowing it. Moral of the story: you never know who or what's around you are. Especially when it's dark and the marine layer has set in.

Busy day ahead! Watch Leno and look for me! I'll be the one sitting in Jimmy Fallon's lap!

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  1. Response to unwanted plane talker:
    1. Unless you're Clay Aiken with a mustache, don't talk to me.

    2. Unless you're Adam Brody and are asking me to marry you at the YMCA, don't bother me.

    3. Leave me alone...I, I'm busy. (in Ralphie from Christmas Story voice waiting to see Santa)

    4. Give him the Ross "keep it down" hand signal and curl your lip.

    5. Look out on the wing of the plane, and say, "Grandma, is that you?", then look back at him and say loudly, "The human head weighs 8 pounds!"


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