Monday, May 07, 2007


Ten days til I leave for LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!

I am so excited that I've been hopping up and down. And skipping.

I've already bought my FAA-regulation travel sized liquids/gels as well as arranged my rides to and from the airport.

Updates to the agenda include (I kid you not):
-Our own tour of Warner Bros Stuidos lot, where we will rummage through the prop room until I find something of Rachel's and frolick (sans water) in the VERY fountain in which the opening credits to Friends was filmed;
-A private backstage tour of Wicked after the show (!!!!!)
-Tickets to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where funnyman Jimmy Fallon will be a guest! I LOVE Jimmy Fallon. I've been curious for quite some time as to how we would meet and fall in love... guess this is it!

P.S.: That is, unless I run into Justin Timberlake or Chris Richardson first, because if you think that I would have the good fortune of bumping into either of them and not coming on VERY strong, you are sadly mistaken.

P.P.S: Same goes for Jake Gyllenhaal.

P.P.P.S: And Adam Brody.

P.P.P.P.S: And Clay Aiken. HA!


  1. I think both Adam Brody and Clay Aiken might deny your advances:-)

  2. I agree about Clay. I'll laugh when he freaks out and runs away from you like a little girl screaming "save me Ryan Seacrest!"

  3. How about you two stop ganging up on Mr. Aiken and I?

    I think you're both jealous.

    Just because I can resist your advances, David, and just because Adam is infinitely more macho than you, "Anonymous" DOES NOT mean they are gay!!!

    Bitter, party of 2? Your table is now available!

  4. Note: Author retracts pervious comment questioning Anonymous' masculinity. Hugs like that leave no room for doubt!

  5. i think i spent some time as clay aiken in a previous life.

  6. Pervious, huh? Was that a slip/dig on me or were you speaking of your boy Clay again and his penchant for pics of small boys.


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