Monday, May 07, 2007


I walk in the door and see a packaged addressed to Wes. Wondering what he could still need to have shipped to me (engagement ring, check; lingerie, check), I pick up the phone and call him.
L: Hey.
W: Hey.
L: What's going on?
W: Nothing.
L: Hey what's this package you had shipped here from Paris, Texas?
W: Open it.
L: What is it?
W: Just open it!
L: Who's it for?
W: For you!
L: Wes...
W: What?
L: What is this?
W: Just open it!
L: [digs through styrofoam peanuts] There's a lot of peanuts... I'm scared.
W: Don't be scared, just open it.
L: Oooh, it's gift wrapped.
W: It IS?
L: Well it's in this pretty box. What is it?
W: Just open it!
L: [opens box and spies a black velvet bag with a suspcious shape] Oh my gosh, I think I know what it is...[opens bag and pulls out silver monogrammed wine stopper from my Birthday Wish List]
L: [screams] WES!!!!!!!!!! What is this for?
W: Just because.
L: I can't believe you - I LOVE IT!
W: Well I figured you would, you put it on your blog.
L: It's beautiful! Ohmygosh I'm so happy that I'm jumping up and down. You did not have to do this!
W: I know. But happy early birthday.
L: Hold on, what do you want?
W: Nothing!
L: But you didn't have to do this, what do you want?
W: NOTHING! I just wanted to say thanks being you and you know, for all you do.
L: Oh my gosh, you're gonna make me cry.
W: If you cry I'm hanging up the phone.
Hope you don't mind if I spill the beans that you're actually a nice guy, Wes! Jennifer picked a good one! I have the nicest friends!

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