Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So, did everyone get his or her taxes done?

What are you doing to do with your return? Mine is going into my furniture fund. Oh, you don't get a return? Hmm. Guess you didn't have an accountant do your taxes for free (shout out to Wilretta and Star).

Sucks for you!

Honesty, accountants could rule the world if they wanted to. If they went on strike, and left the rest of us to... add... they could get whatever they wanted. If I were an accountant, I would be negotiating for a bigger office or something (ha, I'm doing that anyway).

But you get the point. All the accountants in the world could team up and make everyone give them $1 from their tax returns for a big, accountants-only cruise around the world, and wouldn't you give it to them? They deserve it. Heck, I'd give 'em $5 just to keep them happy. Because if the accountants are happy, we're all happy.

Have you hugged an accountant today?

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