Thursday, March 29, 2007


Sorry there was no real Idol post this week. I know some of you (Wes) are disappointed but I don't think what is happening on that show is funny anymore. Sanjaya is too easy to make fun of and how many times can you say a person sucks and it continue to be funny? Mohawks? Too easy. He has no business on the show, Haley has no business still on the show, all the fun people are getting booted and I'm cross. They are making a mockery not of the show, but of the contest. Plenty of talented people got sent home while these clowns mohawk their way to fame. And none of them are giving performances so good I want to cry, so I'm just really uninspired with Idol. Maybe Chris S going home will light a fire under some of the contestants. Additionally, the pictures are not getting posted until after the results show. And those are the funniest part! But Eric can vouch for me that I did predict Chris would go home. Vouch, Eric, vouch!

"Dear God, Please don't let me go home before Sanjaya..."

"How is he still here?"

"If one more person votes for Sanjaya, I'm quitting."

Besides, I have had a lot on my mind besides Idol. A lot of doubt and questions. Maybe I'll write about it later... maybe I won't.

Speaking of questions, have you ever been asked, or heard someone be asked, if you could have a dinner party with 5 other people, dead or alive, who would you invite? I have. Maybe I did too many interviews.

Nonetheless, I have compiled my guest list.

In no particular order, I would host a dinner party for Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Cash, George W. Bush, Justin Timberlake and John Belushi. If one of them was busy, I'd invite Idina Menzel. If she couldn't come, I'd invite Martina McBride.

I would have lots to talk about with George, Johnny and Belushi. I've read six books about George, five about Cash and on my third about Belushi.

I would ask George to say the blessing and make him say "Amer-ka" a few times. Then after dinner, Jennifer and I would act out some Friends scenes, and Johnny would sing for us while Justin and I had a dance party! Then before we'd know it, Belushi would be jumping through walls and knocking stuff over. He's so crazy.

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