Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Reasons I Want A New Office:

1. The luxury of a door.

2. The luxury of a ceiling.

3. Currently, I am the closest office to three different conference rooms. This means I am a secretary. People come to me for pens, tape, office extension numbers, chairs and more. And if I'm not there, all the better for them. Last week alone, two pencils and three pens disappeared while I was out of the office for two days. I didn't even got to say goodbye! I would put my pens in my drawer, but that is inconvenient for me, and why should I inconvenience myself in my own office? Maybe I will lock them up when I leave for extended periods of time, but I'm not sure that a desperate person wouldn't pilfer through my drawers until they found what they were looking for. I bought my pens myself. I hate cheap pens so I bought some myself when I started working here. They belong to me! Stop stealing!

4. My office is across from one of the busiest ladies in the place. If she's not in her office, people always ask me if I know where she is. Why would I know where she is? Oh right, cause I'm a secretary. I am going to start lying and make stuff up, like she got the squirts and had to book it to the bathroom or that she's been waiting upstairs for you for over an hour. Any other suggestions?

5. Overhead fluorescent lighting. It's like the dorm all over again. And not good for my eyes.

6. One of the occupants of a ceilingless office caddy-corner from mine does not know how to put his phone on vibrate. I don't think he is hearing impaired, but if I'm wrong, I'm going to need to see a doctor's excuse in order for him to leave his phone on like that. Since like, the mid-1990's, phones have come with a silent feature. Use it. This is especially irritating when he disappears into a meeting for hours at a time and his phone just chirps away. It has a reminder feature, where it beeps every five minutes just in case you miss a call because you were away from your desk or your phone was I don't know on SILENT or something.

7. I am by the kitchen so I smell all the nice food people heat up for lunch, like homemade lasagna or some fancy soup or chicken dish. I get envious because I know all I have to look forward to is a tasteless, unadventurous Lean Cuisine.

8. My current space does not have straight walls. I mean, they are straight but they don't form a square. I work out of a trapezoid. A lot of our building is like this. It's cool for hallways and conference rooms, but I prefer right angles in an office. We have large, accommodating desks that have a hutch on them and mine does not sit flush against the wall and it drives me crazy.

9. There are six open offices, with real ceilings, real doors and four right angles in the area in which I really belong. When I started, there were none. Now there are six. Do I hear five?!

10. Currently, I am too far from whom I want to be near and too near whom I want to be far.

I think I'll just start moving my stuff and see if anyone notices.

P.S. - I really do like my job. Honest. I just don't like my office.


  1. this is not a new post and I'm upset

  2. I hear Tom A's looking to get back to his old office. Maybe you could move into the office opposite him and stay close!

  3. The one thing I learned in all my years of working, is you have to tell, not ask, people what you want. Go for the new office.


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