Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I went to Memphis this weekend. It was great. You see, Katie and I actually make time to go visit one another, so since last time she came to visit me - I mean, who knew that roads actually lead to Nashville? - it was my turn to go visit her. I was happy to do so! She and her husband have moved and their home is so cute. My friends are such grownups, I tell you.

Anyway, highlights of the trip include touring Sun Studios (don't even get me started. It was amazing. I wonder if they do weddings there?), going on Beale Street for the first time (don't be too surprised, I have far worse secrets I could share, like that I've also never been to Supper Club), finding Johnny Cash's house, and this one little incident at Pottery Barn outlet.

First of all, yes, Pottery Barn does have outlets. Second of all, Katie and I were strolling along, leisurely enjoying our conversation and coffee while walking up and down the rows of headboards, side tables, quilts, etc. We perused the rug aisle, turned the corner and came to curtains.

Well what do you do when you are browsing by curtains? You run your hand through them and move them around. So naturally, that's what I was doing, not even paying attention to what I was looking at.

Until, just like a scene out of a movie, this little boy JUMPS out of the curtains at me! It startled me so bad that I yelped out loud, not just because I was scared, but because he almost made me spill my $4 coffee! He stood still, looking at me, and then hops out of the curtains and scares Katie, too. Then he ran away.

Katie and I looked at each other and burst out laughing and couldn't stop. It was pretty funny, but at the same time reminded me of a scene in a horror movie, where there are evil, semi-invisible curtain-dwelling children running around trying to kill you.

That little boy! I hope my kids do funny stuff like that just so I can stand nearby and laugh.

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