Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Heading out of town again so not much time for a recap today. I will tell you this much - I didn't know Olivia Newton John changed her name to Lulu! Cute!

I was glad we got Haley out of the way. What was she thinking? I mean, honestly. I need to remember to go by the ATM before I watch this show so I will have dollar bills to fling at my TV when she shimmies and shakes her way past another elimination round. Make it rain, Haley; you work hard for that money, girl.

"Working for tips here, y'all!"

Chris R did a good job on his song though I prefer him upbeat and Timberlakesque. I was glad the judges tossed him some praise. Stephanie did well. I don't think she's "losing her edge" and "not having fun" like the judges said, but I do feel that she will never overcome the JorKishda (Jordin + LaKisha + Melinda) trifecta and the lockdown everyone is prediciting.

Blake did a great job. I was really worried he would remix his way out of my favorites but he didn't get too out of control this week. I am worried he is getting too cocky for his own good, though.

I was glad LaKisha did not change her song. I don't think the mentor is supposed to tell the contestants what song to sing, but rather to advise them on the songs they do pick. That was weird to me. I am glad LaKisha stuck with her original choice. Someone would have cried wolf.

I liked Phil's song but I kept thinking how much better Chris S would have sang it. I really like Phil, but he is in the same boat as Stephanie and falling short of the bar that these front runners are raising each week.

Jordin was amazing. I was a little skeptical of Simon's praise last week, about how she has made it a three-way competition between the women, but after tonight's song, I'm sold.

And where do I even START with Sanjaya? First of all, the MJ gloves. Sanjaya talks and dresses like he just stepped off of Neverland Ranch - remember the fedora? And then here they come with the crying girl. It's getting to be no fun making fun of him anymore because Idol is making it too easy. "Uhh let's perm your hair; it'll look great!" "Umm here's a weeping fan! Cry harder, honey." "That's good, Sanjaya, jump around like that some more. Throw your fist in the air. Yes!" I was laughing OUT LOUD when the cameras kept cutting back to the weeping girl. It was so funny how she was sobbing because those didn't look like happy tears. She looked genuinely, positiviely terrified that his greasy mop of hair was going to fly off of his head, attach itself to her throat and eat her while his eyebrows hold her down! We feel your pain, Ashley. Someone make it stop! For the sake of the children!

Killing her softly with his song...

Gina Gina Gina. Blah. I'm tired of her. She did not sing her song well. She was screamy. Maybe she, too, was scared of being eaten by Sanjaya's hair. And I wasn't doubled over with Chris S's performance. I totally understood what Paula was saying about being more interactive with the audience. I'm sure he had a lot to concentrate on, but people were sticking their hands out for high fives and he was brushing by them like a runaway horse through the forest. Show some love, Chris! It was just awkward.

Last but not least, Melinda. Suspicious that she's gotten the last spot now three times? Perhaps. I thought it was skirting the theme a little to do a showtune, but whatever. It worked. And my roommate made a really good point last night (go Christy!) - Melinda is a professional singer. Albeit, she's a backup singer, but that is her profession. It's how she makes a living. Should she have been allowed to audition? Who knows. Don't get me wrong; I'm a fan. I'm just saying.

I did not predict well last week, I was 1/3 for the bottom three and am now 8/13 on who is leaving the show. Not that it matters, but my instinct was that Brandon was going home (I even wrote it!) but I changed it because I liked him more than Haley. Impartiality is the key. Therefore, I am going to impartially predict that tonight Phil is going home. Waaah!!! I like Phil. But too bad that's not the way the cookie crumbles. I think that once again, Kumbaya will be in the bottom 2 and Haley will round out the bottom 3.


  1. Ooooo Swing and a miss on the predictions! (Not that I could ever do any better...)
    I'm not upset though, she wasn't finalist material.
    Chris was a surprise though.
    Have you noticed the bottom two/three have changed every week? Very curious...

  2. I may be voting on Haley a little more after that performance.


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