Monday, March 19, 2007


So, turns out I do get a spring break this year, kids! Only it's in May! And it's free... kind of.

Yes, that's right, this little working girl is packing her bags and heading to an all-expenses-paid conference in sunny, beautiful, celebrity-ridden L.A. I think I might wet my pants.

See, the brilliant minds behind this conference planned it to start on a Sunday, so guess who is taking off work the Friday before and flying out early?! ME! I cannot wait. And guess who is the soul kind enough host me pre-conference? ERIC!

We have already started planning: Universal Studios. Warner Brothers tour. Downtown Hollywood. Leno. Find the stars' homes. Shop at H&M. Find the Father of the Bride house. Find the OC filming locations. And find ALL the celebrities!

And the super swanky hotel that I am staying in during the conference just happens to be a bonafide moviestar itself, having been used in hit films like Wedding Crashers, Ocean's Eleven, Cruel Intentions, Austin Powers, Rumor Has It, Splash, Nutty Professor, and much much more!

How I will be able to get any work done between now and then is beyond me. Start storing up your sleep, Eric, because when I get there - there won't be time to sleep! HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD! HERE I COME!

**UPDATE: Eric told me tonight that he has purchased tickets for us to see WICKED! I have not stopped screaming since he told me.
L.A. is my Emerald City. This is amazing. What a perfect trip this is turning out to be!!!!! THANK YOU ERIC!

Now at last, there's joy throughout the land, and goodness knows, we know what goodness is."

I mean, what's next? Courteney and Jennifer want to take me to dinner?


  1. hahahah. i'm so excited too. i don't know about finding all of the celebrities. i don't know what they look like. i see their pictures or people say, "that's _____" and then i'm like, "it is?"

  2. You have to call me...I know some great places HAVE to go!


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