Friday, March 02, 2007


Three out of four again! Woohoo!

I am SO glad Leslie Hunt went home. If anyone was doubting the necessity or validity of that elimination, I hope he/she listened to the very end of the show.

I, for one, could not bear to hear her sing one more note, so I got off my couch and started packing for Memphis. Two minutes into my packing, my sister called me, howling over what she'd just heard on the television. Apparently, Miss Hunt took advantage of her fleeting moments of... I would say fame, but I think that would be giving her too much credit. Anyway, instead of scatting during her performance, like she was supposed to, she decided to sing, "Whhhhyyyyyy did IIIIIIII decide to scaaaaat? America don't like jaaaaaaaaaaaaazz!" You can find the video on youtube. I would post it here but I can't stand to look at or hear her for another second.

Leslie, you incompetent bimbo, the problem is not that America "don't" like jazz. What America "don't" like is singers that CAN'T SING! Let's see - Melinda Doolittle sang "Funny Valentine," a jazz standard, and she'll probably be in the top 3! Speaking of top 3, remember Elliot Yamin? How do you think he GOT to the top 3? Jazz songs like "Home" and "Moody's Mood for Love." Katharine McPhee did it with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Fantasia did it with "Summertime." And that's just a short list. I'm sure we'll continue to hear many great jazz performances from Lakisha, Melinda and Blake on the show as well as on their CDs that will get released next year because they are GOOD SINGERS that deserve to be on the show and be famous, which is more than we can say for you.

In summation: get the scat out of Hollywood and go back to walking dogs! WOOF!

Lastly, did anyone else besides Shecrest and I notice Kellie's new Picklers? Lordy.

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