Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I don't have much time for an Idol recap this week because I am heading out of town again! Additionally, the performances were all middle-of-the-road. Diana Ross Week did not give the contestants many Wow songs to choose from. I even fell asleep at one poin! Blah.

The best thing I heard last night wasn't even a song. It was Simon telling Shecrest to come out of the closet. HA!

In a nutshell, I think that the highlights were Phil, Chris R, Lakisha and Melinda, who had her "moment" tonight. While I was not crying beyond the point of rationalization like Paula (but when is she NOT beyond the point of rationalization?), I did have a tear in my eye when Melinda finished. I appreciated her appreciation and awe of the moment.

The hairstylists need to put their foot down with Sanjaya (or, according to a lady in my office, Kumbaya - like the song). Just say NO! to whatever he asks them to do! You know, if he spent as much time contemplating his performance as he spends picking a hairstyle, we might have something to work with. But no. And he is really starting to remind me of Paula, with the hair, the smile, the giggles, etc.

Haley takes annoying to a whole new level now. Forget her inability to sing. Forget her inability to remember lyrics. It's her overthetop dramatics that seal the deal for me. She sucks. But the more people that vote for her, the less people that vote for Kumbaya!

All in all, not the best week. I'm 8/12 on my predictions, and am hoping to make it 9/13. Bottom three: Stephanie, Haley and Brandon, with Haley FINALLY getting the boot.

Lastly, I finally figured out who Blake reminds me of. His confidence, quirkiness and undeniable charm resemble none other than Travis of So You Think You Can Dance. See what I mean? Maybe it's the mohawk, but the resemblence is definitely there:

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