Saturday, February 24, 2007


I used to think it was cliché to say you have something "running through your blood" or "in your veins"... None of us really bleed orange or blue or purple or green, and we really don't have hunting or football or our alma mater in our blood.

Key word: I USED to think this.

Last week, I was sitting at Starbucks, enjoying good laughs and good coffee with my friend and her groom-elect, when I noticed something so unbelieveable and amazing that I almost wet my pants.

Wes really does have Auburn in his veins.

Wes was holding his hand out in just the right light when I noticed that his veins make the prestigious interlocking AU. I was going to photoshop this picture to emphasize the shadow so you can better see his veins, but then you might not believe me and the magnitude of this discovery.

See for yourself (click the photo for closer inspection):

Emphasis added:
I'm calling NASA. This is right up there with Jesus toast. The only thing that would impress me more is freckles that script Ohio.

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