Friday, January 26, 2007


PLEASE do me a favor!

Go here and vote for sweet Miss Alabama for Miss Congeniality. I lived with Melinda my sophomore year of college, and if there's an award at Miss America she deserves besides the title itself, it's Miss Congeniality! The winner will be announced live Monday night during the 2007 Miss America Pageant.

I mean, how many girls can you share a DORM ROOM with and by the end of the year, still think she's the nicest girl in the world?

Vote over and over and over again! And tell all your friends to do the same! Or else no more blog posts!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like your wine and mouse party evidently paid off.

    Someone owes you an autographed pic of Miss Congeniality 2007.

    "Dear loser, thanks for getting out the vote for me. I, I mean you, rock!"

    Man, so close on the overall. Thought she was going to pull it off. No one was stopping Texas and Oklahoma though.

    Have to say I wasn't a fan of the evening gown. Pink or peach? Talent gown much better.

    Worst of the Top 10: Washington and California.
    No way.
    Ugliest: Indiana
    Biggest dissappointment: New York

    I think I'm turning gay.


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