Sunday, January 21, 2007


So, after close and frequent inspection of Carrie's autograph (read the post below this first if you don't know what I'm talking about), I decided to break the word down, letter by letter.

I believe Carrie. I think it really does say 'love.' If I am fortunate enough to meet her again, I might recommend that she either stick to hearts (which is how she autographed my friend's CD) or take a handwriting class, because most of her fans probably do not have the energy to analyze autographs like I do.

Anyway, as you can see below, I broke the word down to 4 letters.

The L is obviously shadowed in pink.
The O, in blue, is just bigger than we all gave it credit for. I was taught that O's only have one loop, but in a state that starts with an O (after all, Carrie is from Oklahoma) they probably train young minds to dedicate an extra loop to this all-important letter. So after completing the L, she made the first loop, and to close her O made the second loop.
The V, in yellow, is just rounder than we Alabamians are used to seeing. She departed the O to make the hook of the V, and rather than pointing its bottom, she rounded it out.
Lastly, the E. In her haste, Carrie only wrote half an E (I took the liberty of completing her E). I'm sure she meant well, but without the semi-circle lower-case E's are known for, her E has been masquerading as a R.

So there you go. My vote is cast and I think it says love.

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