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It's a new year, everyone! I can't believe soon this blog will be a year old. I am so glad I started it, even if only for myself. It's been a great venting tool. Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for occasionally providing inspiration and ideas for posts.

I can't usher in a new year without recapping the old one. Therefore, I present my Best and Worst of 2006 List! I have been editing this list for almost 2 weeks now, so enjoy reading what--in my opinion--were the highlights and downfalls of the year.

Best Song
1st: "Promiscuous Girl", Nelly Furtado
2nd: "How To Save a Life", The Fray
3rd: "London Bridge", Fergie

Worst Song
1st: "I Write Sins Not Tragedies", Panic At The Disco
2nd: "Chain Hang Low", Jibbs
3rd: "HonkyTonkBadonkadonk", Trace Adkins

Best Movie
1st: Talledega Nights
2nd: Dreamgirls
3rd: Devil Wears Prada

Best Month

Worst Month

Best Commercial
Citibank - Two Old Ladies ("Shoot, sounds good cause it's free!")

Worst Commercial
Anything Political
Anything by Sonic

Best Rekindled Friendship
Male: Jonathan
Female: Christy

Best New Adventure
Ice skating with my sister and cousin

Worst New Adventure

Best Weekend Visitor

Best Purchase
1st: My beautiful bedspread

2nd: Home Alone on DVD
3rd: Leopard Print Shoes from Target

Worst Purchase
$200 worth of wireless equipment (it all went back to CompUSA, don't worry)

Best Vacation
1st: Cruise with JB
2nd: Memphis to see Katie

Best Engagement
familial: Jennie and Jamie
non-familial: Jennifer and Wes

Best Decision
1st: Moving to Nashville
2nd: Moving in with Christy
3rd: Skipping the AU-UGA game

Worst Mistake
Moving Home

Best Fashion Trend
1st: Layering
2nd: Empire Waists
3rd: Tights

Best Discovery
So You Think You Can Dance?
$6 bottles of Macaroni Grill Chianti

Best Breakthrough
Taylor Hicks
The Fray

Worst Breakthrough
Kellie Pickler
Britney Spears' crotch

Proudest Moment
Receiving my job offer letter
AU-FL game with my sisWatching a former roommate be crowned Miss Alabama

Best Fire
Feb. 17, Les and Jamie's Rehearsal Dinner

Best Day
June 21 - birthday
(Honorable Mention: July 15)

Worst Day
May 29 - moving
(Honorable Mention: December 20)

Best Cruise Ship
Large: Carnival's Holiday
Small: Gaylord's General Jackson

Best Single Use of the Word "Damn" In One Sentence
"I was just holding it, and then all a sudden my stomach was just like, damn B***, you got me ****ed up! So like, it just like, pushed itself out." - Sumthin'

Best Multiple Use of the Word "Damn" In One Sentence
"Don't act like you're a damn 12-year-old, damn excited to be staying at a damn hotel. Get your ass in the bed!" - Coach Propst

Best Excuse
"We didn't know Louisville was in the EASTERN time zone!"

Worst Excuse
"It must be lost in the mail."

Best Reason to Make Fun of Alabama
5 in a row!
No one wants to coach them!

Best YouTube Video
"Leprechaun in Alabama"

Best Imitations
1st: Shakira
2nd: Miranda Lambert

Best Prank
1st: "Miranda Lambert" calls Riley
2nd: "Teefney" calls Ryan
3rd: Deletesaurus Facebook group

Best Reality TV Show that I Love to Watch
American Idol

Worst Reality TV Show that I Love to Watch
Flavor of Love

Best Dance
Elliott and Tanya at Wildhorse

JoyBeth and Jason at Wildhorse
Michael at his wedding

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