Thursday, December 21, 2006


Update: Rod the iPod spent the better part of last night undergoing massive cranial reconstructive surgery. Rod had to have his entire memory erased - all 2700+ songs, playlists, play counts, etc., but luckily the doctor/surgeon was the best I could find to do the job. I was especially glad that I did not have to airlift him to Apple for further surgeries. Turns out that the premature disconnection he suffered on Tuesday wiped out almost 10 GB of memory. So after what little was left of his memory was erased, all 2700+ songs were restored back into his brain and he exited surgery shortly thereafter. He is recovering marvelously and has even played a few songs today. We're taking it slowly, though, and appreciate your thoughts and concerns.

In other news, I'm very close to selling my possessions and joining the circus... or becoming a Nun. They made it look fun in Sister Act. But you get to play with animals in the circus. Tough choice.

While I decide, watch and enjoy this:


  1. Same episode but you may not find this as funny...

  2. Um, yes.

    I saw that at work after our big lunch, and thought it was pretty funny... Until today that is, when my MOM showed it to me. Guess who sent it to her? Her boyfriend. Henceforth they are not allowed to celebrate Christmas in my presence, like, ever.


Oh goody!

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