Saturday, December 23, 2006


You might have had a good week if... had your office Christmas party on Tuesday night, where you danced more in one night than you have all year; saw the brilliant new movie Dreamgirls, for FREE, and have already bought and memorized most of the soundtrack;
...your amazing roommate treated you to dinner, where you shared great conversation and a bottle of wine, then went home and had a dance party (or two)... and she even surprised you with your favorite Starbucks drink the next morning; went to lunch with a handful of coworkers and realized that the most important conversations are the ones that aren't billable;
...and in the middle of all these fun activities, something awful happened, but you were so encouraged by the cheerfulness and warmth of those around you, as unintentional as a well-wishing facebook message to the sympathetic listening ear of a best friend, that it made life bearable, at least until the next crisis, and for that you are very grateful;
...and finally, you realized the leopard-print shoes you almost didn't buy were actually the best head-turning purchase of the whole year!

Thanks to anyone that participated in or made possible any of the above. The best gifts this Christmas season are the ones I've already been given: each and every one of my dear friends.

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