Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Last Car Ride: to work from lunch with 4 other coworkers in the car
Last Kiss: in May. That's right: May. Someone needs to take one for the team.
Last Good Cry: Friday on the way home
Last Library Book: that I checked out? The Gift Bag Chronicles by Hilary de Vries. I got shushed at the library. Am I in third grade again?
Last Book Bought: Ettiquette: A Guide to Manners by Peggy Post
Last Book Read: I Was There When It Happened by Marshall Grant (about life with Johnny Cash - great book!)
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: that Robin Williams movie about the guy that runs for President
Last Movie Rented: I don't even know... Date Movie? What a mistake.
Last Beverage Drank: Dr. Pepper at lunch!
Last Food Consumed: a taco at lunch!
Last Phone Call: my sissy
Last TV Show Watched: The Duel... Beth - go home!
Last Time Showered: 7:30 a.m. today
Last Shoes Worn: these worn out and falling apart Yellow Box "elf" shoes
Last CD Played: random songs that I burned to listen to when I was driving a rental car without a tape player (iPodless)
Last Item Bought: a belt from Ann Taylor
Last Download: "Give It Away" by George Strait
Last Annoyance: my co-workers thwarted my plan to swing by my apartment on my way back from lunch so I could get something I left in my apartment... they all rode with me and I TOLD them that I had to run by my house and they said they'd get rides back with other people and guess what - all the other people rode in one car and there was no room and then I didn't want to waste everyone's time by running by my apartment because if someone did that it would annoy me if I were stuck in the car and needing to get back to work so I came straight back here instead and now I will have more traffic to deal with on my way out of town because I have to go home afte work. Grrr.
Last Disappointment: Is it a disappointment when you expected it? The last disappointment that I presently care to share: I couldn't get through to 107.5 when they were giving away Rockettes tickets even though I knew the answer to the trivia question! Some other girl got my Rockette tickets. Boo.
Last Thing Written: 'Approved' on a newsletter that just came back from layout.
Last Key Used: front door
Last Words Spoken: "Me too!" on my way back to my office
Last Ice Cream Eaten: vanilla with chocolate cake at our office Thanksgiving Feast on Monday.
Last Chair Sat In: ... the one I'm presently sitting in?
Last Webpage Visited: A bridesmaid's gotta do her homework!

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  1. Boy you are really providing my entertainment this evening...your blog is starting to cut into my Myspace time. Just want to say that I'm really sorry for thwarting your plan to go by your apt. - I was in that group of co-workers. I think that was my birthday lunch! :(

    I cannot believe it has been almost a year since then...weird, right?


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