Sunday, October 01, 2006


While I have entertained at least one of us (cough ME cough) with the onslaught of witty haikus and letters, there is a lot going on that gets left out when I can only write 17 syllable entries. And by "a lot going on" I mean in my head but not so much around me. Oh well.

I already told you I'm getting a brother in January. The means by which I will obtain said brother has been consuming a lot of my weekends. No one is adopting or having a baby - there's just a heck of a lot of planning that comes with a wedding! So I have been burning up I-65 lately headed to Birmingham to be the best Maid of Honor I can be. Also, enter the "in my head" reference I made earlier: a wedding drudges up every bad thing that has happened in your family. If you have ever planned a wedding, you know what I mean. Dead grandparents call for flowers at the altar and choosing how/if you'll incorporate their memory into the wedding - something my sister is pulling off quite well! Divorced parents call for heavy medication and at least two different rooms at your reception, to start. In a nutshell: planning a wedding is emotionally, financially and physically taxing... and this one isn't even mine! But it's all worth it. Love you, Sister (you too, Brother).

Things are good in the new condo. Organization is so underrated. It brings me such joy and glee to parade/skip to the dumpster with another empty cardboard box! It does not bring me joy or glee when my roommate texts me to say there was a huge cockroach in the pantry.

Work is going well. I have taken two business trips and shockingly, both have been fun! The first one was to become acquainted with the client and product we are promoting, and since that product is a town, there's a lot to learn! Yesterday I got home from trip #2, which was a week-long commercial shoot for Tourist Town's winter and spring television campaigns. It was very cool. Some of the crew members there have worked on music videos, films, award shows, etc., so they all had fun stories. Also, I never realized how much time, effort and MONEY go into producing those things - it took them around two hours to set up to shoot 4 seconds of film. It was neat to walk into one of our locations, then observe for two hours a crew of about 30 people light the set, dress the set, set up the camera, set up the playback, race against the clock to get all the shots we needed before it started raining, etc. I think my favorite part about the trip though was getting to hang out with people from my office in different departments. I definitely enjoyed making new friends with them.

All of that said, the crowning event of this fall has been getting to go to Auburn a few weeks ago for the LSU game! While it was a great time, it was also very eye-opening. Realizing you're an adult can be a tough pill to swallow. Realizing you're not as close to people anymore is an even tougher pill to swallow. But if you can wash down both of those pills with a victory, at home, over LSU, followed by Breezeway, can you really complain?

As crazy as my schedule is right now, there is a lot of fun stuff to look forward to! 1. My second visitor is coming to Nashville this weekend 2. Trying to attend the AU-Florida and AU-Georgia games 3. Having my third visitor in November to 4. Go see the Lion King, and of course, 5. TIME OFF OF WORK in November!

Lastly, the other thought dancing around in my head is something I never thought would be dancing around in my head. Who would have ever guessed that I would be Susie-flips-her-lid when I was supposed to be the one being won over, not the other way around? What an interesting, but yet successful, plan. They say Virginia is the State For Lovers: If I was certain I was still welcome, I think I'd like to find out.


  1. "What....don't go running off the Virginia!" CG
    "Have you read my blog?" LJ
    "No, why?" CG
    LJ smiles as she walks out the door, and CG goes immediately to check her blog.

    I love you LJ! Still kinda confused though........explanation!!!!!!


  2. I loved our marathan instant message session. We should do it again soon. Oh, and I finally wrote a new blog. Hope you like it!


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