Friday, October 20, 2006


Last night my roommate and I were talking and she mentioned that a friend of hers was running a marathon soon. That is 26 miles. People must be crazy. Do you get to stop during it? What if you have to pee? I would be the first marathon runner that would pause for a mid-marathon nap.

Anyway. I got to thinking, and decided there are a lot of things I would do before I'd ever run 26 miles. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Eat my own flesh
2. Eat a spider or a live goldfish
3. Eat sushi (again)
4. Swim a mile
5. Shave my eyebrows
6. Starve for a day
7. Streak down Lower Broadway
8. Read War and Peace and take a test on it
9. Kiss a pig
10. Kiss Lyle Lovett
11. Pick Nick Nolte's nose
12. Say "Roll Tide"
13. Lose e-mail access for a week
14. Watch hockey for 24 straight hours
15. Kiss Flavor Flave
16. Go to the dentist everyday for a year

That's enough things I would really hate to do. Time to focus on the positvie again: I don't have to run any marathons today, yay!

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