Friday, October 06, 2006


It's Fall in Tennessee!

I swear, there's Prozac dust riding on the wind up here. This weather is magnificent! It makes me want to fly a kite, something I haven't done nor desired to do since I was in about fourth grade.

This is the weather that we have to wait for until at least mid- to late November in Alabama. This is the weather that makes me want to go to a Vanderbilt football "game" just to be outside. This is tailgate weather. This is buy hot chocolate from the concession stand weather. This is soup from a bread bowl weather. This is smore weather, if I had a bonfire and some grahams.

This is the weather that on your way to work in the morning makes you turn the AC only halfway to heat, because the air is crisp enough to bite, but not so chilly that the heat needs blasting. This is open your window weather. This is borrow my dad's dog and take her for a jog in Centennial Park weather. This runny nose from playing outside too long weather.

This is sleeve weather. This is sweater weather. This is scarf but no coat weather. Even better, this is turtleneck weather. This is new puffy vest from J. Crew weather! This is space heater on low weather. This is cuddle weather - any takers? This is robe weather. This is fuzzy slippers on in the house weather.

Fall has fallen on Nashville. Don't you want to come visit?


  1. This is have lunch outside with the creatives and wait 40 minutes for your check weather. Or steal away for personal time to serf while Big O and little G dream of hugs from daddy weather.

  2. This is take your guinea pig to the beach and fix its hair for three hours weather.

  3. This is do yard work while the dogs and babies look on in the shade weather. Only one small crying fit in 3 hours. And one nearly dead yorkie terrier walking along the street. Luckily Darby and pals only nibbled and sniffed. Thank god. I gotta say it was a good day.

    Time for leftovers after baths and bed for the GO Show while someone's partying in Vegas for the week.

    Dear free time,
    It was nice seeing you again yesterday. It's been way too long. Hopefully we'll meet again soon. Until then, I'll cherish the time we had together. Cherish the love we had...


Oh goody!

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