Monday, September 25, 2006


Dear $5,149 Georgio Armani dress that I saw on sale at T.J. Maxx for $799.99 in their new Runway section,

I hate to break it it you, but I think you would've sold faster in a Saks for the full price of $5,149 than you will in T.J. Maxx for a "low" $799.99.


Dear Lady who shouted "There's an Entrance and there's an Exit!" to me and the old man Exiting through the Entrance at Walmart yesterday,

First of all, let she without sin be the first to condemn. Secondly, to be THAT observant, I would have thought you'd have noticed by now that the mullet is no longer in style?


Dear Friend of mine who, according to his facebook profile, thinks that "you couldn't throw a rock and hit a decent girl in 'Trashville',"

Maybe all the "decent girls" are hiding out with the decent boys. If you find them, you let me know. Hey! I know where to start looking: NOT at your computer updating your facebook profile at 1:45 a.m on Saturday night!


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  1. Dear letter to any number of inanimate objects,

    You're funny. I think you're my favorite part.

    Other CG


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