Friday, August 18, 2006


Hello world! I am sorry I have been MIA lately. August has been a crazy month. I think I can best sum it up with a list:


1. Moving - Not only have I not stayed in one place for more than 8 months since high school, I have moved my crap I think 20 times. I tried to count, but I lost track. It's ridiculous. I don't plan on moving again until at LEAST May of 2007. Try me! Moving takes an emotional toll on me. I already feel like a nomad, living out of boxes doesn't help!

2. Funerals - Grandparents, I miss each of you dearly, but dying in successful years (2004, 2005, 2006) and in one case, 7 months apart, was not cool. I know you didn't plan it and couldn't help it. But since you're with Him, tell Jesus to hold off a little while before taking the last one... or anyone else I love for that matter.

3. Weddings - WHO IS THERE LEFT TO GET MARRIED? Besides me?! Luckily, wedding season is about to end and football season is beginning, because I am just wedding-ed out. It's like the Bearenstein Bears "Too Much Birthday" book. Too many weddings! Stop the madness!

4. Divorces - Just because it affects more people than you and your ex-spouse, does NOT mean that you need to drag all affected parties into the sitaution, or make instances that have NOTHING to do with your divorce into an instance that does.

On a more positive note, things are great in Nashville. Remember that affordable apartment in a good location? I found something even BETTER! A roommate! With a great apartment that's in a great location and is even MORE affordable! Yay for answered prayers and stellar roommates. I have finally settled my stuff into the new apartment and am loving the living situation. Of course I continue to stay spoiled as God continues to drop obvious, perfect answers to my prayers into my lap at the last minute for like the third time in a row. One day I am going to have to be proactive and have to make a decision without a clear-cut best option, heaven forbid. I'm having my first visitor this weekend (besides my mom), so that is exciting. AND work is great! I just got back from my first business trip to Smalltown, TN. It was so fun. I came home from Pawpaw's funeral on Monday, packed all my stuff back up to head out of town and was not really looking forward to it, but ended up enjoying myself as we explored the city. I'll try to write more about that visit later, because I really did see a lot of interesting things (mullets go without saying). I got to go to the American Idol concert last Thursday and it was a BLAST. I really am so blessed. Even though I gripe and complain about certain circumstances I call "misfortunes," I know that one day, God will turn all of it into glory.

Fun things coming down the pipe: a visit to Memphis to see a dear friend (among other things!), more visits from friends and FOOTBALL SEASON! I am not sure how many games I'll get to attend, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be watching them all! WAR EAGLE!

My text message bill
costs a fortune, but so much
smiling is priceless!!

Errands, errands, er-
rands! Lately I feel like the
ERRANDS have run ME.

You should be really
jealous that my grandparents
weren't yours. They were studs!


  1. I especially like the last haiku.

  2. glad you found a good place to live. . .about marriage. . .hmm. . .i need someone to cruise up the pacific coast hwy with. . .any takers? lindsay? lindsay's friends? anyone? creepy person who stumbled onto this blog by accident? divorcees?


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