Monday, July 03, 2006


Okay I know listy isn't really a word, but I just felt like making some lists. It's one of my favorite things to do. So, since I have had ZERO visitors and my roommate has already had 6, I present:

The TOP 8 Reasons to Come Visit Me in Nashville

1. Christie Cookies - The best homemade cookies (besides my own, of course). The Snickerdoodle cookie could, I'm convinced, solve both world hunger and world peace.

2. Karaoke bars - Nobody does karaoke quite like the Music City. No ballads after nine!

3. Touristy stuff - I need a good excuse to take tours of the Stars' Homes, RCA Studio B, Ryman Auditorium and Grand Ol Opry. If you want to get in on any of those, let me know!

4. Titans game - I haven't been to one yet, seeing as how it's not football season yet, but I really want to go and I bet at least one of you does, too. And if NFL isn't your thing, we've got baseball (the Sounds), hockey (the Predators, but you'll attend that alone) and basketball sometimes (SEC playoffs/NBA playoffs are here some years).

5. Celebrities - I know where they park their cars when they meet to leave for tours and I also know where a few of them dine on a regular basis. And not just country stars, either. Whitney Houston was here last week. Come visit me and we'll go find them all.

6. Concerts - Odds are that your favorite musician is making a stop in Nashville on his/her tour. If I like them too, you could convince me to save my money, buy a ticket and go with you. Especially if it's at the Ryman.

7. Two words: Lower Broadway - I don't care if you like country music or not (it's a lot more fun if you do, though), you can't drive/walk down lower Broadway and see all of the lights and hear the music and not get excited. Home of the Stage, Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, Robert's Western World, the Ryman and Legends Corner!

8. People Watching - Feeling overweight? Think your hair is turning into a mullet? Not feeling very smart these days? Getting ragged about your accent? Come to Nashville and we'll go wherever it takes for you to feel better about yourself by observing some of the weirdest citizens this nation has to offer. I love my new city but MAN there are some rednecks to be found in this town. Opry Mills is like a watering hole for the tacky.

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  1. Second weekend in August. How about it?


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