Wednesday, March 01, 2006


For the first time since I graduated, I have actually been busy. It's remarkable. I forgot how rewarding it is to have a list of things to do (more than three a day) and check them off, one by one. It's good for the soul.

For starters, I visited my senior year roommate and her husband in Memphis this past weekend. The 4 hour drive went by remarkably fast since I was able to make fun of all of the town names between Birmingham and Tennessee. Rounding out the list of my personal favorites are: Glen Allen AL (not to be confused with Glen Ellen, the wine, but close enough), Gu-win AL (most signs spelled it Guin, but I guess all four of the people that live in Gu-win were worried about someone mispronouncing their town, as in "Gwen" or "Goo-i-in", hence mile signs now come with phonetic training), Brilliant AL (for the record, I didn't feel any smarter when I was in Brilliant) and finally, Myrtle, MS., because I can't think of a town that's name reeks of southern charm any more than that.

We had a great time catching up. They got married in June, and I was their first non-family guest! We ate out Friday night and then grilled out Saturday night. We were going to go downtown on Friday night, then put it off until Saturday. Then on Saturday night, after chicken kabobs and chocolate cake we were so stuffed and tired that we stayed in. I did get the grand tour of downtown Memphis (Beale Street) the next day after church. I was fascinated by Sun Studios and tried to decide if that was one of the places where they filmed Walk the Line on location (as opposed to a fake set). By the end of the weekend, I was calling them "Mom and Dad". In church Sunday, I was tempted to sign the Friendship Pad under the space by their name marked "children".

I must admit, I'm greatly enjoying getting to know all of my friends' husbands (and pets) and welcoming them as friends of my own. Especially after, as I have alluded to before, knowing their previous boyfriends. Not that those guys were all bad, but comparing exes with husbands, the husbands always win, and the reasons why become clearer the more I hang out with each couple. And as for my friends (plurality of that word is just me being generous) who are in the same boat as me (single), I greatly anticipate watching them meet, fall in love with and marry their husband also. I look forward to many double dates, tailgates, beach trips and even supper clubs with all of them.

In keeping with my week of productivity, and the theme of talking about married people, I had lunch yesterday with my newlywed friend who has just gotten back from her honeymoon. It was wonderful to see her and I can't wait to go visit her and her husband in their new house. I'm starting to refer to the guest rooms in my friends' houses as 'my room'... I don't think they mind.

Other things keeping me busy have included some calligraphy projects (something I'm learning to do), the eternal job search, exercising, experimenting in cooking and some light shopping. I made some WONDERFUL albeit fattening mini-molten chocolate cakes for my mom, sister and her roommate on Tuesday. Molten cakes are the ones with the fudge in the middle and it pours out when you cut into the cake. They were so cute and little and YUMMY. I impressed myself and decided that with those cute cakes, I have definitely upped my marry-me potential. Last night, I learned how to work the grill, further impressing myself. Now the possibilities are endless... I love grilled chicken, I could eat it for every meal. As for the shopping, I'm looking for a bulletin board framed in a big gold or silver or whitewashed frame. I can't find one in stores and am considering making one, which I don't imagine would be too hard, but at the same time I know I'm kidding myself. I put together my desk for my room last fall, so apparently I think I can build anything with the help of a power screwdriver... we'll see.

The one other thing that has been keeping me busy this week is my good friend, the television. I bought
Walk the Line Tuesday, so in addition to watching that, I've been tied up with the Bachelor and American Idol. I better give my take on those shows now, since a) one is over and b) the contestants on the other are dwindling fast.

As for the
Bachelor, I knew he'd pick Sarah all along. Nashville people stick together. True to Bachelor seasons of the past, the show is edited to leave you clueless about who will be chosen in the end. A lot is hidden. Therefore, when he kept referring to his and Sarah's "friendship", I knew they were holding back on us. I was really glad when he sent Moana on her way for a couple of reasons. First, Moana Stork just sounds stupid. Second, Moana IS stupid. Did you hear her in the limo afterward? "I just want to crawl back into my shell and hide…I’m so foolish and absolutely devastated." CHIN UP, Moana. You'll live. I think it needs to be said, however, that the Bachelor should be put out to pasture. It was in its prime circa-Andrew Firestone season, and now they are just grasping at straws. The LEAST they could do to spice it up would be to get a new host, change his script and score new music. I watched the first episode at my sister's apartment, and she and her roommate laughed at me because not only I was able to say Chris Harrison's lines for him ("Ladies, if you did not receive a rose tonight, take a moment... say goodbye."), but I also hummed the "Post-Rose Ceremony Blues" immediately afterward, just as it was cued up on the TV.

Now, on to my FAVORITE reality show,
American Idol! As a singer, this show is both depressing and fun to watch. Depressing because I know people who can out-sing some of the contestants on this show. It bothers me that they are soppping up the fame and there is plenty of undiscovered talent way better than them in the world. Contestants that fall into this category include Brenna, who I would like to punch in the face, or Kinnik, who actually has a good voice but sang a Gretchen Wilson song this week. She should be automatically eliminated on that reason alone. On the other hand, the show is fun because some of the contestants are really good. At least once or twice a week I find myself praising the contestants for singing something new on a chorus, verse, etc. It's the same rush a decorator gets when he/she sees a well-decorated room: it gives you ideas. Contestants that fall into this category include Katharine, Paris, Chris D, Ayla, Birminghams' own Taylor Hicks, and sometimes, Kellie Pickler. I liked her a lot in the beginning but her singing has not been up to par so far. I'm rooting for her to pick it back up though.

Last week I was three for four on guessing who was going home, but it was a very easy call to make last week. This week it's a little harder, but I'm going to go with Heather, Kinnik, David and Bucky (who I think is trying to pull a Kevin Federline look, and its not working). Alternates would be Brenna (don't get me wrong, I WANT her to go home, I just don't think she will yet) and Will (crooners never last long, but he's a little more likeable than David).

More funny stories are coming soon. I have to think of some good stories to wane satirical about. Comment if you have suggestions.

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  1. I think you should post every day. I find your blog very enjoyable to read while I am at work. :)


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