Monday, March 13, 2006


Last night it was my pleasure to babysit for the two cutest boys on the face of the planet. No, really. They are that cute. The oldest one is 5 and the little one will be 3 in two weeks. Of course, when I asked him when his birthday was, he squealed "Two hours!!" (Rather than correct him, I almost asked him to say it again. He is precious!) At the mention of birthdays, the older one ran off to get something, and when he came back, he had with him a Birthday Party Catalog. Now, for the convenience of parents everywhere, mother and child can sit down with a catalog to pick out what "kind" of party to have. We looked at it so that they could show me what kind of party the little one was having in "two hours", and what kind of party the oldest one had last year.

The kinds of parties kids are having these days are crazy. Basically, with the help of said catalog, you can theme your party on any cartoon, TV show (reality TV included), animal or lifestyle possible. And the favors and decorations that are at your fingertips waiting to be ordered after deciding on your theme are ENDLESS!

Take for example, the cutesy, girly, shopping-makeup-and-heels party. Gone are the days when your have to subject your party guests to drinking from normal cups. Now, with a touchtone phone and major credit card, your guests can drink from purple go-go boot plastic cups! The "leg" of the boot is the cup, and it stems up from a pointed toe and chunk heel. I WANT A GO-GO BOOT CUP!

Anyway, all the talk about parties got me thinking on the ones Jennie and I had growing up, most of which were dress up or cartoon related. I had a lot of swim parties, since my birthday is in the summer. Since her birthday is in the winter, Jennie had an ice skating party (which makes a lot of sense now). I had a mini-golf party when I turned 3, and I remember that party because I kept getting in trouble for leaving the "course" and sneaking back to the table where my presents were piled up and trying to open them. Jennie and I each had roller skating parties. I had a Mickey Mouse party once, and a theater party, where my guests and I went to a little dessert/coffee house theater and watched a play. I remember having a paints-n-shapes party. Jennie had a "fashion show" party, where everyone came dressed to the nines and we put on a fashion show.

Even better than the birthday parties for US were the birthday parties we'd have for our cabbage patch dolls. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. The little girls that lived on our street would bring their dolls over, and we'd decorate cookies and sing "Happy Birthday" to whichever of mine or Jennie's dolls was celebrating a birthday. It wasn't like this was something we decided to do one day while we were playing. This was a pre-planned event. I think we might have even had a pet party once, for our dog Barkley.

So I guess that parties, just like technology and toys, have come along way since when I was a child. Today's options are limitless. In the catalog alone, there were
favors/decorations/supplies for a Batman party, Bratz dolls party, Cowboy party, Army party, jungle party, Spongebob Squarepants party, and my personal favorite, an American Idol party, which I have decided to host for my birthday this summer. You know how for a Cinderella party, you hire someone to be Cinderella and show up? I could hire an Idol reject to come show up. There's at least one in every state! Then we could ask him/her to sing, and in a grown up version of "pin the tail on the donkey", we could play "(verbally) pin the insult on the tonedeaf". We could pay homage to Paula Abdul and instead of "musical chairs", play "Magical Pills." Then, we would vote on the order in which the guests leave the party. The person with the most votes stays the longest, while the person with the fewest votes is sent home immediately. As each guest leaves, I will stand by the door, and in true Kellie Pickler fashion, say "THAYN KEW!" and goodbye!


  1. Remember Jonathan Johnson who carpooled with us? I distictly remember one ride to school in the back of his mom's blue vovlo station wagon. It must have been the days of the Cabbage Patch birthday party. We must have been excitedly talking about it. I remember him saying, "Moooooom! Why can't I have a Cabbage Patch party?!"

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  3. Make that VOLVO!


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