Friday, February 10, 2006


So, I have decided that Madonna is great. Did you watch her open the Grammys? Phenomenal. Since Tuesday night, "Hung Up" has gone from being barely in rotation to halfway up my 25 Most Played songs in my iPod. I found on Yahoo Music where I can watch the opening number on video! I've already done it twice (I've almost got the dance steps memorized). The only downside to this is that in order to see Madonna... I have to watch the Gorillaz. In my declaration that Madonna is great, I have to also inform you that the Gorillaz kind of scare me.

I think my fright is two-dimentional. Number one, Trent said they looked like puppets on stage. I wasn't too terribly bothered by them as long as I thought that each "Gorilla" was digitally added to the footage we were seeing at home... after all, aren't they a "virtual" band? They don't exist! However, the fact that they might have actually had puppets on the Grammy stage, and they were able to move around so freely, is kind of alarming. Secondly, why are they so grotesque looking? Yahoo Music tried to make me watch their video, and out of curiosity, I watched a minute of it before I closed the window. Yellowing teeth, long cracked fingernails on disporportional apes? GROSS... and weird. Why is the drummer so big? Why does the "lead singer" have a torso the size of his head and legs as long as the drummer is wide? Why do gorillas even have torsos? Or play the guitar? It's a slap in the face to every struggling band out there, that a "virtual" band can get nominated for a Grammy. VIRTUAL, according to, means "existing in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination"! Someone's imaginary pet gorillas got nominated for a Grammy or two. What's next? Someone's imaginary friend will win an Oscar?

The whole thing just creeps me out. It's like how on FRIENDS, Chandler's greatest fear is "Lord of the Dance", because "His legs flail about as if independent from his body!" In the same vein, I'm scared of the Gorillaz. It's just not natural.

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  1. I bet you will be famous like Trent...if so...don't forget me!


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